The Adornment for Deity and Human
Gold and Silver from the National Museum of Cambodia
January 4 - February 4, 2018

This Exhibition aims to hightlight the Khmer Jewellery of pre-modern Cambodia. The main them is to display a set of Angkorean statue jewellery, which has opportunity, alongside the abovementioned jewellery set, other jewellery in the collection of the National Museum is on exhibit. The Khmer Jewellery for this exhibition is selected from Prehistory to the end of Angkorean periods.

It should be understood that, prior to the modern Cmbodia, Jewellery was not merely an accessory or ornament worn to beautify wearers ut also a sign of within cultural, social, and religious context of a community. This is because jewellery was expensive and rare. Unfortunately, not much precious jewellery, especially those made of valuable material such as gold or silver has survived until today. However we can see inscriptions, in which the jewellery is mentioned as fifts to religious establishment or individuals. The Jewellery can also be seen in various styles and designs as depicted in thousands of Khmer statuaries.






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