Revitalizing Khmer Treasure – Pidan: Pictorial Ikat Silkd Stories Revied
January 25 - 27 April, 2014

The special exhibition entitled “Revitalizing Khmer Treasure – Pidan: Pictorial Ikat Silk” was inaugurated on 25 January 2014 and it will be on display until 27 April 2014.  This exhibition is the cooperation work between the Pidan Project Team and the National Museum of Cambodia with financial support from the Tokyo Club.

It is the second time that the Pidan Project Team and the National Museum organized the exhibition about ​ pidan - Pictorial Ikat Silk wich the first one was done in 2010.
For this exhibition is composed of 15 pieces of ​ pidans – 12 ​ pidans are belonged to the Pidan Project Team  and 3 pieces are the collection of the museum, photographs and the raw material for producing natural dye.

The purpose of this exhibition is to benefit the conservation of textile tradition and preservation of weaving technique of ikat silk ‘​ Pidan’ to raise next generation of ikat silk ‘Pidan’ weavers and to introduce to the Cambodian and international public about ikat silk ‘Pidan’.






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